Society Motors

Society Motors is the sole distributor for all vehicles under the Piaggio brand in the UAE. Piaggio is a global player in the light motor vehicle sector, making its debut in the UAE market. Being one of the best web design companies in Dubai, GLMA Agency was the first choice for Society Motors. We have provided this client with Web Design and Development, Customer Relationship Management application development, Job card and Point of Sale software application development.


Being a new entrant in the dynamic automobile sector in the UAE, Society Motors wanted an innovative website that attracts potential customers and generates sales leads. At the same time, it is important that customers find all relevant information about the different models available under the Piaggio brand, service and spares. The developers and creative team at GLMA Agency have created a remarkable website with an interactive design and on-point content.


Customer Relationship Management application development

GLMA has created a website based CRM application for Society Motors that enables customers to book appointments online for their vehicle servicing, test drives and more. The CRM platform provides the client immediate access to this data at all times. GLMA Agency can tailor-make industry-specific CRM applications for all types of businesses based on specific requirements. Our CRM applications help businesses increase customer satisfaction by enabling them to provide efficient customer service that is backed by data.

Job card and POS applications

We have created a mini-application called the Job card for the client’s internal use that helps track employee performance via duration and the work they have accomplished. Furthermore, the app calculates the billable amount for the customer based on the manpower and the type of service or parts they availed. Additionally, we have developed the POS application for Society Motors that calculates the amount owed by the customer, prepares invoices and uses sales data for inventory management, CRM and accounting.

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