November 4, 2022

Hamdan Global

Hamdan Global is a reputable recruitment agency based in Dubai with branches worldwide. They are proud of their reputation as one of the most successful international talent-sourcing companies.

The Mission

GLMA Agency worked tirelessly to boost HamdanGlobal's branding as a 360-degree recruitment agency with a worldwide perspective on the global talent recruitment sector.

  • Our Promise

    Comprehensive, Marketing, Interactive, Website

  • Deliverables

    Company profile, Social media, Branding

  • Client

    Hamdan Global


Implement comprehensive branding to increase presence, create consistency, and communicate commitment.

We used creative and consistent designs to maintain HamdanGlobal’s presence across all platforms. Website and all other digital and social media outlets feature unified design elements and visuals, so customers can always recognize the brand no matter what channel they interact with.


Conduct extensive SEO strategic planning to guarantee an increase in applications

Our team has put together an SEO-optimized plan to make sure that job listings reach the right candidates. Our SEO-optimized content strategy ensures that posts rank high on both organic and paid searches.


Marketing campaigns geared towards a wider reach

Optimizing HamdanGlobal’s website, social media platforms, and digital marketing. We successfully enhanced their digital presence to reach more potential clients worldwide.

Hamdan Global connects talented people across the globe, empowering them to turn their dreams into realities. From small towns to large cities, businesses to individuals, and cultures and countries different from their own, the incredible potential of human creativity and talent knows no boundaries.


Create an overall outlook to convey the company values and messages to create a cohesive outlook

We optimized recruitment content with extensive keyword research, to ensure that job postings and company information show up in search results when potential candidates are looking for jobs in multiple industries.


Create an overall outlook to convey the company values and messages to create a cohesive outlook

We designed the perfect letterhead to reflect the brand identity and make the right impression. We ensured every detail, from font to color scheme, is consistent with the brand image.

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